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tibet-lhasa-2013Dhramshala: - The report, filmed in secret recently (exact date not given), "lends weight to the complaints of the Dalai Lama and human rights organisations; culture in the process being destroyed, invasion by Chinese immigrants and opposition repressed."

Over the footage Payen says, "Arriving in Lhasa you enter an Orwellian world of surveillance, like a city under occupation. There are thousands of military and police, CCTV cameras, patrols inspections, spot searches. The footage released by the France 24 says "This is daily life now for Tibetans."

The report includes filming around the Barkhor, showing the current construction work of the shopping plaza. There are interviews with several Tibetans (blurred to avoid identification) and a Chinese immigrant.

Asked if she has freedom, one young Tibetan female says, "No, we don't have any freedoms or human rights today." She adds, "I consider that the Dalai Lama is like our sun. But we cannot say that. If we said that we would be put in jail."

The report also refers to the self-immolation protests, including a short clip of a self-immolation.

Report from Lhasa, 4 minutes in English. Followed by interview with Nicholas Bequelin from Human Rights Watch Hong Kong. 9 minutes in total.

"The situation in Tibet is bad as ever being since 2008, due to wide spread demonstration, mostly peaceful," Bequelin told France 24.

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