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UK-G8-2013.1Dharamshala: - On 17 June 2013, Philippa Carrick, CEO of Tibet Society, Nyima, representing Students for a Free Tibet UK, and Tim Loughton MP and member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet, delivered a short report A New Global Approach: Unite for Tibet [1] to 10 Downing Street, along with a 10,000 strong petition calling on G8 leaders at their Northern Ireland summit to lead the way on a new diplomatic initiative on Tibet.

Today, 64 years after the Chinese invasion of Tibet, the situation is increasingly tense. Despite parliamentary resolutions condemning human right violations and International support and solidarity, the socio-political equilibrium in Tibet is still unstable. Given the precedences, it is imperative for all the G8 leaders to unite in their approach to the Chinese intransigence over Tibet.

Commenting on the current situation, Tim Loughton, MP, said, "For over 60 years Tibetans have been deprived of their freedom and increasingly are being deprived of their culture, human rights and liberties supposedly guaranteed to them under the Chinese constitution. China must not be allowed to use her financial muscle and burgeoning economic clout internationally to intimidate peace loving countries from raising the plight of the peace loving Tibetan people. It is time to stand up against the abuse going on within China's own borders."

The report, by International Tibet Network and its member organisations further elaborates on the lack of the current policies in being able to launch the Chinese government into any form of political or diplomatic initiation to elevate the standard of living in Tibet. The inability to facilitate any tangible breakthrough in the situation in Tibet despite long-standing efforts is the collateral damage of the repressive Chinese autocracy towards, not only Tibet but the world community in its aid.

"For many years we have been urging Governments to unite for Tibet, and stand together against China's bullying," said Lhadon Tethong of the Tibet Action Institute. "With the crackdown in Tibet intensifying still further, the Tibetan people urgently need a show of diplomatic strength from G8 in the form of a multilateral initiative that will impress upon China the legitimate international concerns about Tibet."

The alleged hostility, the repost says, might have created a rift in the mutual goodwill between the countries campaigning for Tibet and China but has not created a consequential dent in their trade relations and export policies.

"China needs the world as much as the world needs China" commented Tenzin Jigme of International Tibet Network. "Despite - or even because of - the global economic situation, G8 leaders need to show China that the bullying of its members and other nations, especially less influential ones, is unacceptable."

With close to £8billion worth of Chinese investment in Britian, the U.K. government does not appear to be a promising contender for prolonged support, especially after the strategically publicised incident where the Chinese government was displeased with the British Prime Minister, David Cameron's meeting with the Dalai Lama from last year. Although In an interview with Time Magazine the Prime Minister said that he wants the UK to be "the destination for Chinese investment", he refused to seek any apology. To maintain harmonious diplomatic relations with China and simultaneously ensure Tibet's sovereignty, the countries must unite in their pledge for Tibet.

"David Cameron has recently been on the receiving end of China's intense and public bullying so he knows more than anyone the importance of defending core values and democratic principles," said Philippa Carrick of Tibet Society. "As host of this G8 summit, we urge him to stand by his Government's averred commitment to seeking a solution for Tibet and initiate a robust response that has the potential to bring about genuine progress on the 60-year occupation of Tibet, whilst safeguarding G8 members' diplomatic relationships with China."

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