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UNHR China-2013Dharamshala: - On 1st June 2013, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said expressed her deep concern over the grim situation in Tibet, saying "China has to examine and address the grievances of the Tibetans".

High Commissioner Navi Pillay, responding to questions on BBC's World Have Your Say programme on Friday about the UN's inability to engage China to address the sufferings of Tibetans said that what Tibet requires now is a political solution, and the suffering of the Tibetan people has to be accounted for and cannot go unnoticed and suppressed anymore.

Ms Pillay assured that the Human Rights Council will apply same yardstick to China while reviewing and scrutinising its human rights record this October.

The UN High Commissioner said China has invited her to visit China and that she would definitely go to Tibet to assess the situation there.

Since 2009, over 119 Tibetans have committed self-immolations to stand up for their land and community and protest China's forced withholding of Tibet.

Ms Pillay further added "I have issued public statements, asking China not to treat this as a security matter but to look into the root causes of the suffering of the Tibetans and why they are seem to be driven to such extreme measures of protests such as self-immolation".

The UN High Commissioner stressed on how Tibetans should not sacrifice any more lives and that the international community will find them their justice.

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