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2013-07-15-Hunsur-G03Hunsur, Mysore July 16, 2013: - His Holiness the Dalai Lama concluded his visit to Tibetan settlements in the Indian state of Karnataka after celebrating his birthday and a series of teachings.

Earlier, for two days he gave teaching on what was once considered to be an esoteric topic, Mahamudra at Gyumed Tantric University. It is a Buddhist teaching transmitted through lineage and focuses on the nature of mind, which according to Buddhism has two natures: ultimate and conventional.

"Samdhong Rinpoche is a very important lama and we both share common tutors," Tibet's spiritual leader said, referring to his former tutors while teaching. "In our conversations he requested me to give teaching on Mahamudra."

On the last day of his visit to Rabgyaling settlement in Husnur, the Dalai Lama conferred long life empowerment to the resident monks of Gyumed Tantric University and Tibetans from surrounding settlements.

"In exile we have made many progresses materially. However we still observe pockets of poverty and it is essential that they are taken care by their neighbours and Tibetan Settlement office," he said after conferring the long life empowerment.

"We should extend our services and help to the Indian villages around the settlement. It is quiet a daunting task to help them in all aspects but we should help them in every possible way.

"Our Tibetan health clinics should not only provide treatments to Tibetans but also to the Indians from the surrounding areas,"he added.

Tenzin Tashi, 29, who serves at Tsojhe Khangsar Hospital in Bylakuppe while speaking to TPI said: "I came from Bylakuppe to receive blessing and listen to teachings with great enthusiasm.

"Whenever I am his audience, he never fails to move me; he encourages me to be a better person. As he had suggested earlier during his birthday, whenever I become angry or agitated I think about him and his messages, it calms me down."

Unconfirmed report suggests that he will later travel to Ladakh on a meditation retreat during which time no personal and official request for audience would be entertained.

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