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Tibet-Dalai-Lama-2014Shillong: - Some Chinese hardliners consider Tibet's unique culture and language source of danger for its separation from China, His Holiness the Dalai Lama said, adding that China should should learn from India the practice of harmonious co-existence of different people, languages and lifestyles.

Tibet's spiritual leader, who began his maiden four-day visit to the northeastern Indian state of Meghalaya also said he is a messenger of India's tradition of harmony and non-violence.

His Holiness was accorded a warm reception on his arrival in Shillong as the state guest. Top officials who welcomed him at the helipad include health minister, chief secretary, deputy commissioner, senior superintendent of police and a member of Tibetan Parliament and Tibetan Settlement Officer. He was later received by Governor Dr K K Paul at his official residence.

The 78-year-old Nobel Peace laureate was conferred with an honorary doctorate during the 6th convocation ceremony of the prestigious Martin Luther Christian University in Shillong. Top officials of the state, including Governor Dr KK Paul, Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma, Chancellor Dr KM Shyamaprasad, and Tibetan Political Leader Dr. Lobsang Sangay, attended the ceremony.

Addressing the ceremony, the spiritual leader said: "I want to express my hearty congratulations to all those who have received doctorate degrees today. Now, your real life has begun. All of you have the responsibility to make a healthy India as it will have a positive impact on Asia and the world."

"Over 3,000 years ago, India had the concept of Ahimsa (non-violence). "As a result of its commitment to tolerance and non-violence," he said, adding that India is a living example of religious harmony as all the major religious traditions of the world exist here. It can make a significant contribution to the promotion of religious harmony and non-violence in the whole world."

His Holiness said ancient India's Nalanda tradition and philosophy are highly developed as compared to modern science. He recalled a top Indian scholar as saying that quantum physics in the Nalanda tradition some 2000 years ago. He said he has been interacting with modern scientists over the last 30 years and he found many of them taking keen interest in studying positive human emotions which is related with India's ancient Nalanda tradition.

The Nobel Peace laureate said Tibetans have proved to be reliable students of India by keeping alive India's ancient Buddhist culture, a culture of truth, compassion and non-violence.

He also spoke about the menace of corruption with the advent of modern education. He said India needs to incorporate its thousands of years old ancient Indian tradition in the school and university curriculum to the end of menace of corruption.

"I am a messenger of India's tradition of cultural diversity, religious harmony, non-violence and secular ethics," he said, adding, "the world must study these principles and resolve differences through non-violence and dialogue."

"India is a "United State" as people with diverse language, culture, religion and tradition co-exist in harmony. That is the greatness of India and good example for the rest of the world," he said.

"On the other hand, some Chinese hardliners consider Tibet's unique culture and language source of danger for its separation from China. "China should learn from India, which has apart from different regions, different people, different languages, different scripts and different lifestyles. Yet they all live harmoniously," His Holiness the Dalai Lama said while addressing the convocation of a state university in Shilong.

"It is in our interest to remain a part of the People's Republic of China provided we have the right to preserve our culture, language, religion and environment for the well-being of people in the world in general and Asia in particular," he added.

"We are not seeking separation from China. We belong to China with common interests and common economic development," His Holiness emphasised.

Extending a hearty welcome to His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Meghalaya, Governor Dr K K Paul said his visit will bring peace, harmony and prosperity to the region.

The Tibetan spiritual leader who visited Meghalaya for the first time since he made India his home, termed his adopted country as "wonderful and very nice" to live in.

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