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Tibet-Germany-flags-2014Berlin, March 10th 2014. In Germany protests against the violation of human rights in Tibet are taking place in about 30 cities.

The actions are part of the campaign "Raise your Flag for Tibet" organized by Tibet Initiative Deutschland e.V. (TID). In Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich will be held protest rallies in front of the Chinese Consulates.

In Berlin TID and the Association of Tibetans in Germany (VTD) are organizing a demonstration in front of the Chinese Embassy. Presented will be an installation with the portraits of the victims of the self-immolations.

Thousands of Tibetans and Tibet supporters will show their solidarity with Tibet. Also hundreds of cities, municipalities and administrative districts throughout Germany are raising the Tibetan flag on public buildings.

"By raising the Tibetan flag, the participating German cities -backed by thousands of German citizens - affirm the Tibetan people's right to self-determination. They protest against the violations of human rights and the destruction of Tibetan culture, religion and national identity.

The campaign is a strong support for Tibetans living in Tibet, assuring them of our continuous support.

We call on the German government to clearly speak out against China's Tibet policy. We call on the Chinese government to immediately stop the violence in Tibet", TID-campaigner Anna Momburg-Vanderpool, says today.

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