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2014-03-22-Delhi-G10New Delhi, India, 22 March 2014 - His Holiness the Dalai Lama met with almost 260 students and 40 teachers from 13 Delhi Schools. The theme for discussion eas Ethics and Compassion for Young Minds.

"I am very happy to be here to meet you young people, young brothers and sisters. The world belongs to humanity. As a result of human intelligence we have made a lot of progress, and yet human beings can also be a source of trouble. War, for example, which is nothing more than legalised violence, is something only human beings engage in. During excessive wars in the 20th century some historians say up to 200 million people were killed, including many innocent people, women, children and the aged among them. Nuclear weapons were used. In Hiroshima I met survivors of those attacks and heard of their terrible experiences, something that should never be repeated."

He said that people of his age belong to a century that is now gone but he looks forward to what the new generation can achieve and that he was keen to meet the young people of today and urge them to act honestly, truthfully and transparently to win trust and friendship.

"What holds society together is concern for others, while anger and hatred split it apart. On an individual level, science has shown that warm-heartedness contributes to physical well-being. Findings also reveal that even preliminary training in compassionate attitudes can reduce blood pressure and stress, so individuals feel happier and enjoy better inter-personal relations. Now, let's have some questions and a more heated discussion!"

He was then asked about the status of women in Buddhism and explained that the Buddha had treated men and women equally and mentioned that he is convening a meeting in September to discuss the status of women along with dowry and caste distinctions.

Asked about the economy, His Holiness said that the gap between rich and poor must be reduced. He also remarked that while India has to put its own interests forward, it must also take the world's needs into account. Whenever problems or conflicts arise in this connection, they should be resolved through dialogue not a resort to force and weapons. To a question about whether he had ever felt sad and lonely, he recalled sitting in retreat in the dark Potala palace in the company of his stern tutor. He would find relief in watching mice drink from the water bowls and listened to boys and girls outside bringing their flocks home. He briefly yearned to be free like them, but said that eventually he realised he could use his name and position to benefit others.

With regard to technology by which so many are distracted His Holiness said it is important to remember that technology should serve humanity and not the other way around. If we allow ourselves to become slaves to it we'll have no rest.

Asked about compassion he responded that as human beings we can use our intelligence to extend a biological interest reflecting that if others are happy, we will be happy. He noted a growing desire for peace in the world and remarked that action is more effective than prayer.

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