Tibet: News International Tibetan parliamentary delegation visits Estonia

Tibetan parliamentary delegation visits Estonia

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Tibet-delegation-2014Dharamshala: - Deputy Speaker Khenpo Sonam Tenphel led a Tibetan parliamentary delegation to hold a lobby campaign in Estonian parliament on 29 May. The delagation was accompanied by Mr. Ansders Haq, President of the Estonian Tibet Support Group, Mr. Sven Grunberg and Mrs. Tami Paves from the Estonian Institute of Buddhism, along with Elena and Jolie from the International Campaign for Tibet.

According to a report by  the Tibetan Administration website 'Tibet Net', the delagtion spoke at length about the current situation in Tibet, and the atrocties which had led to more than 130 cases of self immolations. They also talked about the devolution of political authority by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to an elected leadership and the need to resume dialogue between the Chinese government and Tibetan representatives to resolve the Tibet issue.

The delegation also met Kristina Ojuland, who is a former member of the European parliament. They briefed her for about the tragic situation in Tibet, and thanked her for her continual support. In return, she asked the delegation to raise awareness about the Tibet issue in Europe.

The delegation also met Mr. Tunne Kelam, who was recently re-elected as a member of the European Parliament. Mr. Tunne raised the issue of Tibetans becoming a minority in their own land. He also said that it's a moral duty for him to raise the issue of Tibet in the European parliament.

Last year, a parliamentary delegation led by Speaker Penpa Tsering had visited Europe, to create awareneness about the critical situation in Europe, and to gather international support in order to resolve the Tibet issue.

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