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Tibet-UK-China-2014London, 16 June 2014: - Human rights activists in the UK are urging David Cameron to use the visit of the Chinese Premier to the UK to speak out on human rights and make a public statement calling on China to uphold universally-accepted human rights values, adhere to the rule of law and implement political reform.

'Chinese Uyghur Tibetan Solidarity UK (CUTS UK), a coalition of UK-based human rights organisations, is calling on the British Prime Minister to stand by his government's stated policy of advocating human rights when he meets Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on 17 June,' CUTS UK said in a statment.

In particular, the coalition is calling on David Cameron to:

? Raise human rights, including the issues of Tibet and East Turkestan, directly with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang during his visit to the UK.

? Make a public statement calling on the Chinese government to commit to taking concrete measures on human and civil rights for all its citizens including ethnic minorities, to adhere to universally accepted norms of rule of law and implement policies to grant real democracy for its citizens.

? Work multi-laterally with other world governments to work together to put concerted pressure on China to improve its human rights record and instigate political and judicial reform.

"The visit of Premier Li to the UK is being purported to herald a new era of Chinese investment in the UK, however, it could also herald a worrying level of influence by China in the UK. David Cameron must be clear that universal values of human and civil rights are integral to any engagement we have with China and Britain's relationship with China cannot be just about trade and economics," said Philippa Carrick, CEO of Tibet Society, a founding member of CUTS UK.

"Mr Cameron should not only be seen publicly to adhere to the government's own stated policy of advocating human rights in its relationship with China, but also follow his own government's guidelines, as set out in the National Action on Business and Human Rights," added Ms Carrick.

Rahime Mahmut, from Uyghur Community UK and member of CUTS UK, said, "David Cameron has an opportunity to speak out for all those in China, including Uyghurs, Tibetans and Han, whose voices have been silenced by the Chinese regime. I urge Mr Cameron: Do not allow China to buy your silence on human rights."

Shao Jiang, a Chinese human rights activist, survivor of the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989 and member of CUTS UK, added, "The UK must not be bullied by China. The Chinese government seeks to deflect criticism from its human rights record by threatening withdrawal of trade."

Shao Jiang added, "The truth is that China needs trade to prop up its autocratic regime. It is time for the UK and the international community to stand up to the Chinese Communist bully and make the acceptance and adherence to the International Bill of Rights and human rights treaties core demands to help bring about human rights, freedom and democracy for all the people of China."

CUTS UK calls on David Cameron to raise human rights with Premier Li, on behalf of the human rights defenders the Chinese government has imprisoned and attempts to silence, those who fight injustice in a Chinese judicial system which lacks due process, and on behalf of ethnic minorities, including Tibetans and Uyghurs, who live in a society considered to be one of the most oppressive in the world.

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