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Tibet-Lhasa-China-2014Dharamshala: - Lord Davidson, a senior British politician was blasted as insensitive by Tibetans and Tibet supporters after making comments on Tibet.
Neil Davidson, Labour's shadow Advocate General sitting in the House of Lords of the British Parliament made comments while speaking out about the situation in Tibet at a two-day forum on the development of Tibet held in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet on August 12, organised by China's Communist regime.

The UK politician has come under fire for saying that 'the Chinese government has done a great job in developing Tibet to the current stage, where people live happily."

China's major state-run media has reported that the British lawmaker told them that 'the western media merely write about people's happiness in China's Tibet and know little about the type of development taking place in there.'

Describing economic development in Tibet as "remarkable," Lord Davidson said "many western reports are written by enthusiasts of the Dalai Lama. And they may feel uncomfortable when their presumptions or assumptions are challenged. It is uncomfortable and expensive to have their prejudice challenged."

 "There is a gap between the western media coverage on Tibet and the real Tibet," he said, adding: "many western media are profit-making but traveling to Tibet is too costly, which is also a reason why they couldn't come and report on the spot in Tibet."

Uk based Free Tibet Director, Eleanor Byrne-Rosengren said that 'the reports have not been independently verified but if correct, the comments by Lord Davidson at the Chinese government's Fourth Forum on Development of Tibet back Chinese propaganda and provide a deeply misleading picture of life for Tibetans.'

 “We hope that the comments attributed to Lord Davidson significantly misrepresent his contribution at this event. If the reports are accurate, Lord Davidson should have acquainted himself with the facts before regurgitating China’s propaganda on Tibet," she said, adding that "in reality, international media are banned from Tibet by the Chinese government."

"Economic development in Tibet is far from what it seems from the window of a car or a plush meeting room in Lhasa," she said.

"We must respond to those few governments or officials who make irresponsible statements over Tibet. Furthermore, it creates a bad image of the history of the freedom struggle, entirely against the universal values of freedom and human dignity fundamental to democratic political systems," T.J. Nyima, a Tibetan livinging in exile said.

"Such irresponsible comments against six million Tibetan people currently suffering oppression also harm the Tibetan people's efforts to expose Tibetan fortitude in the nonviolent struggle," he added.

China is ranked 175th out of 180 countries in the press freedom index that Reporters Without Borders published in February and is more deserving than ever of inclusion in the Reporters Without Borders list of Enemies of the Internet, the latest version of which was issued earlier this month.

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