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Tibet-land-China-Hong-Kong-2014Taipei: - At three forums discussion forums will be held during the 2014 Hong Kong Tibet Film Festival to encourage attendees to reflect on issues of Tibet, including cultural and economic crisis in Tibet and Tibetans in exile.

During the Festival, from 27 - 28 September, three discussion forums will be held to raise topics related Tibet issues, including cultural and economic crisis of Tibet, Why Tibetan in exile? and the importance of dialogue between Chinese and Tibetan," the organisers said, adding: "we will screen Dalai Lama's Speech about the situation of Tibet and the relationship between Chinese and Tibetan."

The Tibet Film Festival will be held in Hong Kong from 26-28 September, with the support of Zurich Tibet Film Festival, the film festival will show to screen films and a large number of micro movies related to Tibet.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama was informed about the film festival,' said organisers. Organisers told the Tibet Post International that they feel most appreciated by receiving a short talk video from His Holiness, blessing a seccessful event and His Holiness' talks will be screened on 28th, September.

"Those filmmakers and photographers of films all attribute to inside and outside Tibetan, so those films are more realistic and help people to comprehend Tibetan's sight of life, identity, reflections and affection," the organiser said.

The organisers said "they will print 4,000 flysheets for the Festival. The 4,000 flysheets for the Festival will be mainly issued on universities and colleges of Hong Kong in order to attract students from Mainland China to visit the Festival. "

They also said they offer special thanks to "Escape from Tibet" leading actress Pema Shitsetsang that Zurich provided "A Family" for screening on "2014 Hong Kong Tibet Film Festival". "A Family" storied about the actress heard that someone shoot her father's picture of self-immolated in 2010. http://goo.gl/MhpDv8

Festival council said they will invite audiences from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, and screen the following films: Old Dog (director : Pema Tseden), Bringing Tibet Home (director : Tenzin Tsetan Choklay), Summer Pasture (director : Lynn True, Nelson Walker, Tsering Perlo), Girl From China (director : Sonam Tseten), Tibet In Song (director : Ngawang Choephel). It will screen micro movies won award in competition for Tibet documentary of Zurich Tibet Film Festival: Canh Ba Ba (turtle soup)(director : Tsering Tashi Gyalthang) and Re-paired Glasses (director : Geleck Palsang) and etc.

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