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Tibet-China-Hong-Kong-Festival-2014Taipei, Taiwan: - The three day Tibet Film Festival Kicked Off on 26 September in Hong Kong was briefly disrupted by a group of unidentified people earlier on Saturday, then engaging in physical clashes with staff and guests.

"The Hong Kong Tibet Film Festival was inaugurated at Saturday morning, but during the opening, more than 20 unidentified people rushed into the venue, holding banners accusing His Holiness the Dalai Lama of encouraging Tibetan self-immolations," said Tashi Tsering, the president of Taiwan Tibetan Welfare Association."

"The mob created ruckus at the event and manhandled the organizers," the organisers said, adding: "one of the organizers was slapped when they tried to stop the mob from attacking Tashi Tsering.

He said that he then started to argue with them, asking them not to interrupt the event or bother people attending the event.

"I also told them that they misunderstood the Dalai Lama, who insists on the middle-way approach, and said that I could explain his ideas to them if they would listen," he said.

However, Tashi said they did not want to listen; instead, they tried to attack him and slapped a Hong Kong organizer in the face when he tried to stop them.

The event organiser said that, these people were simply local goons on the payroll of China and order was restored after the they called the cops and they left only after threatening to come back again.

"We called the police, but the mob left before the police arrived, and we continued the event as planned," Tashi Tsering said. "I think those people were sent by the Chinese government."

The three-day event organized by the Hong Kong Tibet Culture Centre also features an exhibition on the series of self-immolation protests in Tibet.

Tashi added that, during the recent student strike and pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong, many of the protesters had said that today's Tibet, after what had happened there since the Chinese invasion and occupation in the 1950s, could be tomorrow's Hong Kong if the nation's citizens do not resist.

The event was held in Hong Kong from 26-28 September, with the support of Zurich Tibet Film Festival and the film festival has screened films and a large number of micro movies related to Tibet.

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