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Tibet-Taiwan-Asia-Buddhism-2014Dharamshala: - Concluding His teachings on ''Nagarjuna's Fundamental Wisdom Treatise of the Middle Way" given at the request of Taiwanese disciples, His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet culminated the fourth day with a series of meditations, blessings and future guidance to the gathering of devotees.

Fundamental Wisdom Treatise of the Middle Way by Nagajuna, the great Indian philosopher and master of the 2nd century AD, has twenty-seven chapters. His Holiness reiterated the importance of our human minds to understand the true nature of things.

Addressing the audience of over 6,000 in the main temple of the hill-station of North India, the final day of teachings were rounded off on 9 October 2014 amid a jubilant atmosphere. His Holiness cross-examined and explained key points during the teaching.

During the teaching, His Holiness the Dalai Lama reiterated the importance of cultivation of Bodhisattva. The practice of compassion and wisdom is useful to all sentient beings and essential to develop a good heart - love and respect for others, as well as a true sense of community.

A Bodhicitta ceremony, which involves the intention to achieve omniscient Buddhahood, was carefully led by His Holiness as the morning drew to a close. His Holiness stressed that it is important to cultivate Bodhicitta and the cherishing of others among ourselves.

Dealing with the profound view of emptiness, it is every important to have an understanding of emptiness, and also to experience emptiness- to be aware of all points of negative emotions within ourselves,' he said.

'Furthermore, in order to overcome our cognitive obscuration, we need to have these views of emptiness, to cultivate Bodhicitta and practise perfections,' said His Holiness while moving on to the Shantideva text.

Therefore, Shantideva famously said that "all suffering in this world comes from self-cherishing and all happiness in this world comes from cherishing others."

'Dedicate your body, speech and mind to serving others,' he said, adding that if one examines not having a self-centred attitude it is also vital regarding the maintaining of the meditation.

Meditation instructions were directed by His Holiness to the audience as the teachings concluded, to assist the cultivation of Bodhisattva in oneself. His Holiness enlightened the audience and said  'the most important thing to keep in mind is not to harm any sentient beings.'

The morning session concluded with prayers after a successful ceremony. A question and answer session for the Taiwan delegation was also held in the afternoon, to the delight of the devotees.

His Holiness drew the second day of teachings on the 'Benefits of Bodhichitta' to a close after offering a long life prayer to him, having thoroughly educated and inspired his guests on Wednesday morning.

'Whether believer or non-believer, as long as we are a part of the 7-billion human beings, it is very essential to have a genuine sense of concern for others well-being, because we are heavily dependent upon each other," His Holiness said.

The teachings on Nagarjuna's Fundamental Treatise of the Middle Way are available in video and audio format on: http://dalailama.com/livewe

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