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boudha-stupa-november 2014Dharamshala:- International Campaign for Tibet(ICT), a US based advocacy group which works to promote human rights and democratic freedoms for the people of Tibet, has confirmed that there is no change in the status of Tibetans in Nepal.

In a news report published on November 29 in Asian News, chief of the National Commission for the Coordination of refugees, Shes Narayan Poudel, was quoted saying that they “have decided to no longer provide identity cards to Tibetan refugees,” and the new wave of immigratants couldn’t be accomodated as they “have no more space.”

ICT confirmed that there is no change in the status of Tibetans in Nepal and described the report ‘misleading’. “The agreement with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees on the transit of Tibetan new arrivals through Nepal still holds,” said ICT, in a report published on their website.

“Although the number of Tibetans escaping into exile has plummeted this year, in the context of a steady decline each year since China’s crackdown in Tibet deepened in 2008. Under pressure from China, Nepal stopped issuing or renewing refugee identification cards in 1994 to the long-staying Tibetan community in Nepal.”

Since the mass protest by Tibetans in Tibet in 2008, China had led a massive campaign to supress Tibetans and the number of Tibetans crossing the border into Nepal had since dwindled.

The report in Asia News came after the visit to Nepal by the Chairman of Tibet Autonomous Region, Lobsang Gyaltsen, and he announced an additional 20 million yuan annual aid to Nepal.

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