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2november20094Tokyo, Japan: Since arriving in Japan on 30 October, His Holiness the Dalai Lama has met with journalists, scientists and Buddhist followers to address a wide variety of issues and spread his message of compassion. His nine-day visit is at the invitation of the Shikuko Buddhist Association and Okinawa Mahabodhi Association.

On Saturday, 31 October, His Holiness spoke before a gathering of international media at the Foreign Correspondents' Club in Tokyo, making a strong appeal to journalists to travel to China and Tibet and investigate the reality of the situation there.

"If you find out that what China's Government is saying about Tibet is correct, then I will cease all my activities and apologize to them," stated the exiled Tibetan leader.

His Holiness expressed his surprise at Chinese opposition to his scheduled visit to the northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh this month, reiterating that all of his visits and teachings are "non-political" in nature.

The Nobel Peace laureate spoke to the press at length about his commitment to promoting secular human values and religious harmony. He also expressed his full support of a program proposed by Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama that would base his government's policies on the "happiness" of the Japanese people.

Later in the day, His Holiness gave a public teaching on "The Three Principle Parts and Generating Altruistic Mind Enlightenment" to an audience of 5000 people in Japan's capital city.

Before explaining Tibetan scholar Je Tsong Kapa's text, "The Three Principle Parts," His Holiness discussed the crucial role of a compassionate mind in cultivating personal well being, both mental and physical.

"Scientists these days are saying that negative emotions such as anger, fear, hatred, greed and envy harm the immune system," stated the head figure of Tibetan Buddhism.

He continued, "There is no syringe for happiness. You can only become happy when you reduce the gap between "I" and "they" with a compassionate mind."

Speaking to a country with the second-highest suicide rate in the developed world (after Russia), His Holiness stressed that one's personal troubles should be seen as opportunities to develop inner strength and to make one's life successful.

2november20092On Sunday, His Holiness held a dialogue with Japanese scholars and scientists, entitled "The Future of Earth: a Dialogue between Buddhist Ethics and Modern Science". The Japanese panel included renowned anthropologist Prof. Shinichi Takemura, Prof. Katsumi Hoshino, Prof. Hiroshi Tasaka of Tama University and Prof. Hiroshi Shimizu.

Before an audience of 3000 people, the experts discussed humans' common responsibility to conserve resources and take care of the environment, as well as the possibility of developing a more compassionate human society.

"We have just one blue planet and it is the responsibility of all human beings to protect it. Human beings have been the most mischievous species so it is our duty to learn from our past mistakes and experiences," said His Holiness, adding that, "Technology has given us the false confidence that we can control everything. Yes, we can control the temperature of this hall but we cannot control the temperature of the world."

Prof. Katsumi Hoshino mentioned the concept of "Buddhist economics" as a means to control desire and greed, and therefore conserve the use of limited natural resources.

Prof. Hiroshi Takama suggested incorporating the technologies of modern science into religion.

His Holiness explained the Buddhism parallels science in its need for "thorough investigation and careful examination before reaching any conclusion".

The Tibetan leader added that he discussed only Buddhist science in his exchanges with scientists, as opposed to Buddhist philosophy or religion.

"Dialogues with scientists are not aimed at seeking their approval of the Buddhist belief of re-incarnation but to share our knowledge on vast subjects such as quantum physics, neurobiology and psychology," he stated.

Today, His Holiness is visiting Takamatsu, the capital of Shikoku prefecture. He is scheduled to give public talks in Matsuyama on 3 November and Okinawa on the 5th.

All of these events are being organized by His Holiness the Dalai Lama's liaison office, Tibet House Japan, in conjunction with the Shikoku Buddhist Association and the Okinawa Mahabodhi Association.

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