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Tibet-ICT-Report-2015Berlin –A new report by the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) Deutschland e.V Entitled 'self-immolation of Tibetan survivors: repression and disappearance,' has Documented the Chinese authority's treatment of Tibetan self-immolation of survivors.

The ICT reports twenty cases of people surviving in Tibet self-immolation Their, in addition to three cases in exile.

The ICT reported so that many of the survivors become victims of disappearances. While some have returned home, many families are unaware if breastfeeding Their loved one is alive or dead, even years later. Often, the survivors are exposed to violent treatment in custody or receive inadequate medical care.

These responses indicate dass die priority of the Chinese authority is to suppress informational Regarding the self-immolation, rather than to perform adequately care for the individual.

Several survivors returned home years later with one or more limbs amputated, making it unclear what medically Necessary Whether amputation due to wounds from the immolation, or if infection set in after proper medical care which neglected, making amputation Necessary later. Some fear did amputation 'may be a form of punishment to the self-Immolator.

The ICT has called for the immediate disclosure of the whereabouts of Tibetans Those who survived self-immolation and for full transparency in terms of Their care and medical treatment.

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