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Free-Tibet-Literary-Award-2015Taipei — The Awarding Ceremony of the First Free Tibet Literary Award was held in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, on June 20, 2015. Since the launch of the award in December 10, 2014, the team successfully collected the writings and selected the winners of the prize.

In order to highlight the meaning of the award, the location of the ceremony is chosen at the Deng Liberty Foundation, the memorial museum of the Taiwanese self-immolator Nylon Deng.

The guests of the ceremony are Mr Dawa Tsering, the President of H. H. Dalai Lama Foundation in Taiwan, Mr Li Minyong, the writer and the board member of Deng Liberty Foundation, Prof Yang Tsui, the writer and the judge of the prose in the award.

In a press release, the organizer of the award, Student for a Free Tibet-Taiwan said: This award aims to amplify the continuously self-immolations happening in Tibet. All participants were invited to reflect on the cases of self-immolations, and the theme was set as "The Day in My Life." The award hopes to create the connection between the lives of the writers and the martyrs, rather than the alienation.

There are enthusiastic submissions from hundreds of participants, and 22 proses and 42 poems were selected into the final. Since many of the pieces are qualified, the judges from the both genres donated to have one more chrestomathy in each.

The participants are generally young; the oldest winner is 38 years old, and the youngest is only 19. 8 of the winners are students among the 13. It's obvious that the support of Tibetan issues and universal human rights values are widely swept across the Taiwanese youth, and it has burst out the splendid glory of the literature. It's also worth mentioning that, the winner whose has the pseudonym "Anonymous" has won both the 1st place of the prose and the 3rd of the poetry.

In order to encourage more young writers into the diverse and profound writings, Snowland Publisher, which has been devoting in Tibet-related publications, decided to gather and publish the pieces of the 1st Free Tibet Literary Award.

The SFT Taiwan has held various events about Tibetan issues such as the Literary Award, the Youth Summer Camp and the Group visiting Dharamshala, India. It is hoped that such efforts can help to carve the stories and the heartfelt voices of Tibetans into Taiwanese hearts.

For the Literary Award next year, it's going to include more participants and the public, to ponder on these questions: "How can we do for Tibetan people? How do we face up to others' sufferings and the spirit of altruism, and make our country and the world a better place?"

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