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Taiwan-President-Tsai-Ing-wen-dalai-lamaDharamshala — His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Sikyong or the political leader of Tibetans and Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament in-Exile congratulated Ms Tsai Ing-Wen, the new President-elect of Taiwan.

Ms Tsai, a staunch Tibet supporter and her Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) swept the recent Taiwanese elections defeating the incumbent Kuomintang Nationalist Party in both the presidential and parliamentary elections.

In a letter to Ms Tsai Ing-wen, President-Elect of Taiwan, His Holiness the Dalai Lama congratulated her on her remarkable victory in the Presidential election, saying "It is indeed encouraging to see how firmly rooted democracy has become in Taiwan. It is a model and source of inspiration to those who aspire for freedom and accountable leadership. As someone dedicated to promoting democracy, I salute what the people of Taiwan have accomplished."

The Tibetan spiritual leader said that during his visits to Taiwan, including that in 2009 when he met Ms Tsai Ing-wen, he was able to see for himself the progress the people of Taiwan have made in the fields of economics and education. Noting that business and trade are areas in which successful links have been established with mainland China.

"It is important that such links should grow and be extended to include increased people to people exchanges," the Nobel Peace Prize laureate said,

His Holiness ended by wishing Ms Tsai Ing-wen every success in meeting the many challenges ahead.

Expressing his earnest greetings to the President-elect, Sikyong wrote: "I, on behalf of the Central Tibetan Administration, would like to congratulate you and your Democratic Progressive Party's landslide victory in the recently concluded Taiwanese presidential and parliamentary elections. Your Excellency's personal victory and your party's victory are a reflection of the robust democratic institution that is in place in Taiwan and is a source of great inspiration for the Tibetan people."

"Your commitment, visions and willingness to serve the people of Taiwan have won the trust of the majority. As you embark upon the responsibility of the first female president of Taiwan, I wish you all the luck and success in your endeavors," Sikyong said.

"Moreover, as a longstanding friend of the Tibetan people, you have repeatedly expressed your concern at the deteriorating situation inside Tibet under Chinese rule for which we are truly grateful. We hope you will continue your pivotal support to peacefully resolve the Tibet issue as the President of Taiwan," Dr Sangay added.

The Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile also congratulated Ms Tsai for winning the presidential and the general election of Taiwan. She is poised to become the first female president of Taiwan.

"On behalf of all the Tibetan people in and outside Tibet, the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile would like to heartily congratulate Your Excellency and your party on this historic victory. It is also a landmark in the democratic history of Taiwan that Your Excellency is first female elected to the office of the Presidency," Mr Topgyal, the Tibetan Parliament secretary wrote.

"This is a victory of the people of Taiwan, who voted for Democratic Progressive Party under your dynamic leadership and it is an inspiration to all the democratic societies throughout the world."

"It is extremely important to note that Your Excellency had met our most beloved and dynamic leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama in the past and, your party had been very supportive to the just cause of Tibetan people.We are sure that this "New Era" under your efficient and dynamic leadership will bring freedom, prosperity and peace in Taiwan. We sincerely urge Your Excellency to consider the issue of Tibet as one of the core issues of new government in Taiwan under your leadership," he added.

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