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Tibet-Flag-Hong-Kong-China-2016Dharamshala — A three-day trip by a high-ranking Chinese government official was met with protests by the pro-democracy supporters as the semi- autonomous Hong Kong tightens under Beijing's grip.

Zhang Dejiang on his arrival on May 17, Tuesday faced protestors unfurling banners that read, "I want genuine universal suffrage" and "an end to Chinese communist one-party rule". These were similar to the ones seen during the 2014 Umbrella Revolution.

Among the protestors were an old couple, Uncle Wong and Mrs. Wong displayed the Tibetan national flag proposing the right to self determination for Tibet as well as Hong Kong. Uncle Wong reportedly said, "Hong Kongers need self determination.Tibet people need self determination, too," according to activist Rose Tang's Facebook post.

According to a recently surfaced video a woman also unfurled the Tibetan flag. "An unidentified woman holding a Tibetan flag is mobbed by a dozen police officers who try to grab the flag from her. The male voice in the video: 'I have my rights to protest.' The female voice: 'Down with the Communist Party!' It's not known if she has been arrested," says Rose Tang's Facebook post.

Despite heavy security, Hong Kong authorities had to increase the police deployment for Zhang's business conference on Wednesday. Throughout his visit, the pro-democracy and the pro- China demonstrations were reported.

Zhang Dejiang is the chairman of National People's Congress Standing Committee and a top official of the Hong Kong and Macau affairs office. He was in Hong Kong to speak at a business conference on 'One belt, one road project'.

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