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Friends of Tibet Taiwan today called on the Taiwanese government and community to act to stop the serious deterioration of human rights inside Tibet in recognition of World Human Rights Day. The organization’s chairwoman, Chow mei-li  asked the Ma Ying-jeou administration to raise the Tibetan human rights issue into cross-strait talks with China.  

Ms. Chow also urged all Taiwanese Buddhists to be aware that many monks have been arrested and are facing persecution for their religious practices, particularly in the Tibetan region of Lithang. Here, current conditions have reached a level of crisis following a three-day Tibetan hunger strike for the release of Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, a beloved Buddhist leader from Lithang who was sentenced to life in prison seven years ago on the ungrounded claim that he was responsible for a series of bombings in eastern Tibet. In these protests, 150 Tibetans have been arrested by Chinese police, of whom 20 people were seriously hurt by. The chairlady urged all Buddhists to pray, blessing the early arrival of peace.

She also stressed that if China, the world's largest remaining authoritarian regime and one of the world’s most powerful economies, delays in establishing democracy and freedom, it is bound to bring disaster to the world. This year is the fiftieth anniversary of the Chinese occupation of Tibet, and Taiwanese people are increasingly concerned about the current deterioration of the situation in Tibet, as arrests and injuries of Tibetans continue to increase.

Eleven Tibetans from the Tsakho and Khakhor Monasteries in Matoe County, Golog, in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province, were arrested on 4 December 2009. These monks were accused of producing and distributing subversive songs on compact video discs. Additionally, the Kanlho Intermediate People's Court in Gannan, TAP, Gansu Province, sentenced Tibetan monk, writer, and photographer Kunga Tsayang, to five years in prison on charges of disclosing ‘state secrets'. Four Tibetans were also executed last year.

10december20096Today also marks the 20th anniversary of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s reception of the Noble Peace Prize. As Tibet’s spiritual and political leader, His Holiness follows and endorses nonviolence in  all matters, including the Tibetan struggle for genuine autonomy. If His Holiness's nonviolent efforts cannot gain more freedom and human rights for the Tibetan people, it would be a disaster and a shame for humanity.

Taiwan Regional Tibetan Youth Congress president Tashi Tsering also released a statement on the occasion of World Human rights Day. He declared, "On this Human Rights day, we honor the never-surrendering Tibetans inside Tibet, and the political prisoners who continue to fight for our common goal. The constant defiance of Chinese rule by our brave brethrens inside Tibet is our only strength and inspiration that transcends all material bounds and touches the deeply rooted human need for a meaningful existence, and articulates the aspirations and the grievances of the six million Tibetans inside Tibet. We who are in the free world resolve to continue our struggle from exile and overcome any challenges that lie ahead. We resolve to strengthen our democracy in exile and renew our commitment to struggle for the independence of Tibet even at the cost of one's life."

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