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unsecretary electUnited Nations secretary general-elect Antonio Guterres called for human rights to be respected unequivicolly on a global level on Monday, November 28th during his first visit to Beijing.

Addressing reporters along with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing, the UN chief said, “In a world where so many rights are not respected, to make sure that there is an effective combination in human rights, of the civil and political rights and the economic and social rights in a balanced way.”

Without specifically mentioning China, Guterres said what was needed was a United Nations that abides by its principles.

Speaking along with Guterres, the Chinese Foreign Minister said the UN remained “an effective platform” and “central mechanism” in leading global affairs.

“In the face of a chaotic world, countries should have higher, instead of lower expectations for the UN, therefore, the role of the UN must be strengthened rather than weakened.” the minister said.

The UN secretary general-elect's first visit to Beijing since recently being elected ended on the 29th.

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