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South-Tyrol-2017-Tibet-France-CanadaDharamshala — While praising Tibet and its people who have been heroic in their fight that has cost many lives already, Dr Arno Kompatscher, President of South Tyroll, expressed his government's support for Tibet and asserted that the Tibet cause will prevail one day soon.

Dr Kompatscher is accompanied at the commemorative function by a delegation of leaders and academics from South Tyrol, an autonomous region in Italy, which shares a close bond of friendship with the Central Tibetan Administration.

Addressing a large crowd, who joined him to mark the 58th commemoration of the Tibetan National Uprising Day in the Himalayan town of Dharamshala on Friday, Dr Kompatscher as Chief guest expressed his government's support for Tibet and saying: "We are both mountain people, rooted in our traditions and way of life that cherishes freedom a lot, and we are both determined when it comes to defending our rights and especially our identity."

"It has been twenty years since His Holiness the Dalai Lama first came to visit my homeland. Since then a strong bond of friendship developed between my people and you. This certainly had a lot to do with the personal chemistry between my predecessor Luis Durnwalder and His Holiness, but it is also because the people of Tibet and South Tyrol have a lot in common," President Kompatscher said.

The South Tyrollean President also lauded the Tibetan people for their determination to struggle for their rights and survival as a people. "You have been heroic in your fight that has cost many lives already. You have countrymen and women in Tibet still sacrificing themselves to protest against the unbearable oppression by the Chinese. Even though it doesn't look like a solution is around the corner at the moment, you have to stick to your struggle because your cause is a just cause," he said.

"You have every right to maintain your ancient cultural and religious heritage and the wisdom acquired over centuries of living in harmony with a forbidding environment in high altitudes. I am sure you will prevail in the end," he added optimistically.

Dr Kompatsecher further encouraged the new generation of Tibetans to continue the struggle of their parents and grand parents. "You have to carry on with the same determination as those who had to leave their homeland Tibet. In the meanwhile, you have friends like us to stand by your side at all times," he said, promising his government's continued support to Tibetan education and healthcare projects as well as in the promotion of grassroots Tibetan democracy.

French Senator Michel Raison, in his address to the gathering, expressed his admiration at the Tibetan democratic system and lauded his Holiness the Dalai Lama for the visionary step of drafting the Tibetan charter and establishing the Tibetan administration in exile.

French Senator Michel Raison, Senator Raison, the president of Tibet group in the French Senate, French senator André Gattolin, and Mr Consiglio Di Nino, retired Canadian parliamentarian and long time friend of Tibet, were among those who also addressed the crowd.

Senator Raison, who is accompanied by a high level delegation of French senators and politicians at the commemorative anniversary. French senator André Gattolin also addressed the gathering honouring the Tibetan struggle and continued support and solidarity with the Tibetan people.

Mr Consiglio, expressed Canada's support to the Tibetan people in their struggle against injustices of the Chinese government. He applauded His Holiness the Dalai Lama for his message of peace and harmony and the Central Tibetan Administration for being at the forefront of the peaceful Tibetan struggle.

Mr Consiglio spoke about Quebec, an autonomous province in Canada and said that the Middle Way Approach is realistic and that Tibetans should have the same privilege as everyone else. He concluded with a hopeful statement that the next 'Losar – Tibetan New Year ' should be celebrated at Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet with freedom and dignity for Tibetans.

Tibet was invaded by Communist China, starting in 1949, Beijing calls a "peaceful liberation". Since that time, over 1.2 million out of 6 Tibetans have been killed, over 6000 monasteries have been destroyed— the acts of murder, rape and arbitrary imprisonment, torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment were inflicted on the Tibetans inside Tibet. But, authorities in China still claim that "China 'peacefully liberated' Tibet, and that the Tibetans are living in a "Maoist socialist paradise."