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China has become displeased over Ottón Solís's, the presidential candidate for the Partido Acción Cuidana (PAC), pledge to name a new stadium in the Costa Rican capital city of San Jose after exiled Tibetan leader "Dalai Lama"; claiming, "it is not in line with the common desires of the two countries".

In an effort to show the country's independence on economic aid, Solís, the leader of Citizen's Action Party, said earlier this week that he would name the stadium, which is being built and donated to Costa Rica as a gift by China, the "Dalai Lama".

Upon the resumption of diplomatic relations between Costa Rica and China, in June 2007, Costa Rica acknowledged a One-China policy and rejected the recognition of Taiwan, which used to be an important benefactor to Costa Rica. The stadium is one of the friendship and social projects started by communist china in Costa Rica for the sack of maintaining good diplomatic relations.

Many Costa Ricans are in doubt and disapproval of Solís's plan, saying he is playing political-drama. "Contrary to His Holiness (Dalai Lama) non-violence approach on conflicts, this idea actually helps reinforcing and widening a conflict that already exists" a Costa Rican citizen, Yorlene Vega, commented, "I seriously doubt his intentions and disapprove using His Holiness the Dalai Lama's name for his own benefit, and in doing so, he is not even trying to help solve the conflict between China and Tibet, but, on the contrary, he is promoting it, putting more wood on the fire".

Once the stadium is finished, it will have a capacity of 35,000 and be the most modern of all stadiums in Costa Rica that will include a sports museum, a track and field and house 32 Costa Rican sports federations, the Insidecostarica.com reported.

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