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4february20101Dharamshala: Kashag Secretariat (Cabinet Secretariat of Tibetan Government in exile) yesterday urged Tibetan officials in the Government in Exile not to take part in the coming Losar ?New Year?celebrations.

A statement issued by the Central Tibetan Administration, the Tibetan government in exile, regarding the Tibetan new year reads as follows: "To all the secretaries of concerned departments,

Taking into consideration the 2008, Tibetan Earth Mouse year protest in Tibet, hundreds of Tibetans were killed and thousands were arrested. Throughout last year, the Year of the Earth Mouse, the suppression and censorship continued. In many parts of Tibet, communities have decided not to celebrate the coming New Year in solidarity with the Tibetan cause.

Central Tibetan Administration urges Tibetan Officials not to take part in celebrations such as parties, dancing and singing, and fireworks, except for religious rituals such as burning incense and making traditional offerings.

The Secretariat clarified that this announcement is aimed at Tibetan Officials, and does not apply to the Tibetan people."

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