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02march0102Taipei: 10 March marks the 51st anniversary of the Tibetan uprising against Communist rule. Taiwan Friends of Tibet will join the Tibetan Welfare Association of Taiwan, the Tibet Youth Council of Taiwan in organizing a march to commemorate this important day when the Tibetan freedom struggle began.

On the evening of 10 March, the nonprofits will hold a candlelight vigil in Freedom Square in remembrance of those with dauntless spirits who sacrificed their lives in hopes of gaining freedom in Tibet.

The march itself is scheduled for Sunday, 14 March. The people of Taiwan feel more passionate than ever, and cannot remain silent, because the Chinese Communists’ oppression of Tibet has only intensified over the past year. Last year, several monks were arrested, monasteries were closed, believers were detained in an effort to rescue their Rinpoche, monks continued to protest, but suffered military repression.  

This repression took the form not only of religious persecution, but also targeted Tibetan artists: singers, writers and directors were arrested, and some even sentenced to death. In addition, the government’s resettlement policies forced nomadic herders who had followed the same lifestyle for hundreds of years to settle in towns, threatening their economic independence and cultural traditions. People see this as an attempt by Chinese Communists to deliberately extinguish the Tibetan way of life, identity and culture. As His Holiness the Dalai Lama stated, “Tibetans inside Tibet today look like they are living in a big prison.”

The organizations welcome all Taiwan communities to join in solidarity with the Tibetans on the  51st anniversary of their uprising. The demonstrators will gather on 14 March at 13:00, and proceed from Chunghsiao junction to Taipei 101.

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