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10march20105Dharamshala- Addressing an audience of human rights scholars, activists and leaders in Bhopal Wednesday, Tibet's spiritual and political leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama spoke of a ‘global ethos of brotherhood compassion and love' as the key to protecting human rights worldwide.

The gathering, a symposium on ‘Human Rights Through Universal Responsibility', was held at the Madhya Pradesh Assembly Auditorium and MP Governor Rameshwar Thakur presided over the event.

During his lecture, the 74-year-old Tibetan Nobel laureate, His Holiness the Dalai Lama spoke of the commonality of all religions and their benefit to believers. He said that he has no problem visiting various religious sites around the world.

He also said money and wealth alone cannot bring about happiness in life as they cannot help one to gain wisdom. He remarked that ‘the life of the people of the countries with the best material facilities lacks inner quality. Their young generation has gone wayward'.

His Holiness also expressed pride in being introduced as a ‘son of India', saying that the same dal and chapati that had made the lives of millions of Indians had made his life as well.

It is this ethos (of compassion, love and universal responsibility) which will help develop a more civilized society and curb violation of human rights on the basis of poverty, caste, religion and social disparity,' the Tibetan spiritual leader added.

'All human beings are equal despite following different religions, speaking different languages and living in different regions. To attain wisdom, all human beings must imbibe spiritual and human values" His Holiness said.

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