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10march201089Dharamsala: The Nepalese Supreme Court ordered on Monday that 3 Tibetan exiles be released from jail, the AP reported earlier today. The 3 had been jailed earlier in March due to a public security law after they, along with around 20 other Tibetan exiles, rushed the Chinese Embassy's visa office in Kathmandu.

The 23 protesters were held for 90 days under the public security act, which gives the government permission to detain those determined to pose a public threat. In the court ruling on Monday, the judges found that there was no evidence that any of the 3 in question were a public threat and ordered that they be immediately released by the government.

The other 20 remain jailed, the report added. In our previous report, around 25 Tibetan refugees jailed in Nepal for protesting against the Chinese occupation of their homeland began a hunger strike on 15 March to demand their immediate release.

The Nepalese government has banned any form of anti-China demonstrations due to a desire for ease in relations with Beijing.

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