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26march201012Paris: Reporters Without Borders has obtained a copy of a questionnaire that has been circulated within the organizations of Chinese citizens living abroad. It canvasses views on Tibet and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Presented by Beijing's Communication University, this very detailed questionnaire was in fact prepared at the behest of the government department responsible for overseas Chinese.

Intended to gauge "the attitude of Chinese citizens and foreigners of Chinese origin about the Tibet problem" and the poll has been distributed to thousands of Chinese around the world, especially in Europe. This questionnaire will enable the Chinese authorities to understand how the Tibet situation is perceived be overseas nationals.

The poll asks questions such as: "What is your attitude to the view that Tibet has been an indivisible part of Chinese territory since ancient times? and "In your view, what role did the Dalai Lama play in the incident of 14 March?" The questionnaire also tries to establish how overseas Chinese obtain news and information about Tibet.

This poll comes days after Reporters Without Borders International, Paris based freedom of press watchdog, reported that 50 Tibetans had been charged or detained for sending information abroad since 10 March 2008. Earlier this week, a monk from Larung Gar Buddhist Institute of Sertar county was reportedly sentenced to 7 years in prison for sending information out of Tibet during the 2008 uprising. This information came just as Google announced it would move to Hong Kong after violating Chinese censorship and freedom of information laws.

Please download: Questionnaire Tibet-Chinese (1) Questionnaire Tibet-Chinese (2) Questionnaire Tibet-Chinese (3)

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