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03may20106Dharamshala: On a recent interview with Christiane Amanpour from CNN, Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jou expressed support for Tibet's autonomy and the Dalai Lama's efforts to talk to China, explaining that "that is the only way to solve the Tibet issue". The president also addressed the recent tensions between the United States and China and Taiwan caused by an arms deal made between the US and Taiwan in January this year.

Ma justified the deal by explaining that the weapons are of a "defensive nature to defend Taiwan's democracy". The president also reiterated that.

Ma also stated in the interview that a "one country, two systems" model does not suite as a viable option for Taiwan's future political situation, as Taiwan is a full democracy and "elects [their] own president, [their] own national parliament and [they] run [their] own business". While reiterating his inaugural speech that states Taiwan will "maintain the status quo, namely no unification, no independence".

China does not recognize Taiwan's independence as a sovereign nation, as it considers it to be a renegade province of the PRC. However China also considers Inner Mongolia, East Turkestan and Tibet as part of itself even though the three regions were only invaded and taken over after the communists took power in Beijing in 1949.

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