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prayDharamshala: Yesterday morning, His Holiness the Dalai Lama led a special prayer ceremony to observe the thousands of Tibetans who died in the earthquake that devastated Tibet's Kyegudo region 49 days ago, on 14 April.

Thousands gathered at the main temple in Mcleod Ganj to pray for the victims' grieving family members and for the recovery of those injured in the tragedy. Every official in the Tibetan exile administration attended the gathering.

Similar prayer sessions are also being held in Tibetan exile communities across the world.

In addition to prayers, many exiled Tibetans are offering donations of money and other resources to support the ongoing Kyegudo relief effort. Many made voluntary donations through the 4-14 Yushu Earthquake Charity Committee.

On 31 May, Chinese state run media Xinhua officially reported that the Kyegudo quake had killed 2698 and left 270 people missing. Out of the 2687 victims who were identified, 2573 were Kyegudo locals, 54 were from Qinghai province, where Kyegudo is located, and 96 were from other provinces in Tibet and China. 199 of those who died were students.

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