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03june20101Dharamshala: Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama yesterday told a large gathering of Tibetan youngsters that they have the "special responsibility to carry forward the Tibetan people's struggle for the just cause of Tibet."

His Holiness said the Tibetans belonging to his generation are gradually phasing out, so the younger generation which is in the age group between 20 and 30 has the bounden duty to continue the efforts made by the previous generation.

His Holiness said the Tibetan people is presently passing through the most critical phase in the more than thousand years of its history. Moreover, in the case of Buddhism, the Tibetan language is the only language capable of retaining the complete set of teachings of Buddha. The Tibetan language in turn is language of the Tibetan people. So, in order to perpetuate the promotion and preservation of Buddhism in this world, the survival of the Tibetan people is of paramount importance.

His Holiness emphasised that the younger generation shoulder the responsibility to make efforts to free Tibet from its critical phase.

Expressing optimism that the truth will gradually prevail over the issue of Tibet, His Holiness said there is not a single Tibetan who hopes or dreams of reviving the old and backward society of Tibet. In future when the Tibetans reunite in their homeland, it will be of utmost importance for the Tibetan people to develop a modern Tibetan society for which they must learn modern education and artistic skills. Such a modern Tibetan society with the Tibetan language, religion and culture as its foundation would contribute to the happiness of both the individual and society.

Urging students to take interest in Buddhism, His Holiness said Buddhism is one of the important aspects of Tibetan people's prestige and one of the fields through which Tibetans could bring effective change. He, therefore, underlined that the Tibetan youngsters must become well-learned in modern education in order to promote and preserve Tibet's rich culture and religion.

His Holiness told the students to discuss political issues of Tibet with Tibetan prime miniser (Kalon Tripa) Prof Samdhong Rinpoche during the question and answer session scheduled on Thursday.

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