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Dharmshala: Tibet's political and spiritual leader, 74 year old His Holiness the Dalai Lama, will visit Japan for a week later this month, 20-26 June. Zenkoji, a well-known 7th century Buddhist Temple in Nagano city has invited His Holiness the Dalai Lama for a special memorial talk and to strengthen the Buddhist bond.

Zenkoji Temple, in their press release has said that the Temple has received a Buddha's statue with prayers for peace from His Holiness the Dalai Lama some two years ago. The visit of His Holiness and His teaching and Talk to the people here is to celebrate the establishment of this holy bond and to affirm the universality of message of peace.

His Holiness will visit the Temple and meet the two Chief abbots of the Temple. Among the main events, He will give public talk on "Guide to Positive Clear Light - Message for today" to some 7,000 monks and lay people in the area. The organizers hope that the talk will provide the people of Nagano and all concerned with an opportunity to seriously contemplate on peace within oneself and for the world.

6june20104Zenkoji is a 7th century Buddhist temple revered greatly by the Japanese public. The Temple caught international media attention two years ago when it refused the overture to host the Japan leg of the Beijing Olympic torch relay. The international community greatly appreciated this gesture of silent protest against the religious oppression going on in Tibet at that time. "As a disciple of same teacher [Buddha] and practitioners of same religion, we cannot remain oblivious to what is going on in Tibet." Explained the Temple authority to the media at that time.

His Holiness will also visit Saihoji Temple, a Jodo school of Japanese Buddhism. Here His Holiness will address the monks and consecrate an eight feet statue of Buddha Amitabha [Opadme, Buddha of infinite light] constructed by Tibetan artisans for the Temple.

On His way back to Tokyo, His Holiness will give a one day Teaching and Talk at Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall at Yokohama on 26th June. This event is in response to the continuous request from monks, scholars and the general public to organize an event wherein people could receive Buddhist teaching as well as hear His Holiness on more secular subjects. The request has come from groups and individuals in neighboring countries also.

6june20106Accordingly, His Holiness will teach on "Dependent Arising" and "Boddhicitta" [Tendrel Teopa and Sem-kye in Tibetan], including the inter dependent nature of all phenomena and generation of compassionate heart. In the afternoon session, His Holiness will speak on "The Essence of Happiness and Healthy Co-existence" for the general public.

Participants from Korea, Mongolia, Russia, Taiwan and other countries are also expected. The organizers have arranged translation and interpretation facilities accordingly. Monks from the above countries will also present special chants and prayers during the teaching. It is expected that some ten thousand people will attend the event at Pacifico Yokohama.

His Holiness will make a brief appearance at the Foreign Correspondent Club of Japan (FCCJ) to meet the press people. This is arranged in tandem with the numerous calls and request from different section of medias for interview and briefing time with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. As it is difficult to entertain everyone's request, appearance at FCCJ before the media was initiated to appease all concerned.

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