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06july20103Dharamshala: On the occasion of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s birthday celebrations in McLeod Ganj, the Kashag (cabinet) of the Tibetan government in exile delivered a statement that gave thanks to His Holiness for his “service to humanity” and his furtherance of the “teachings of the Buddha Sakyamuni”, alongside his commitment to “secular ethics”, which emphasise the “need to develop universal responsibility through the promotion of basic human values and inter-religious harmony and co-existence”. The Kashag also praised him for the wisdom behind his “mutually-beneficial Middle-Way policy and [the] non-violent means [he advocates] to realise it” and for his success in transforming “the exile Tibetan polity into a genuine democracy”.

The Kashag expressed gratitude towards “the assistance and co-operation extended by the central and state governments of India” in ensuring the security and freedom of His Holiness, and urged them to “further intensify” their efforts. But among the thanks and praise was an expression of concern towards His Holiness’ Health: “The physical wellbeing of His Holiness is very important for humanity in general, and for the short and long-term benefits of the Tibetan people in particular. Therefore, we would like to implore him to kindly see to it that his daily programmes do not come in the way of his good health.”

It went to condem the People’s Republic of China, who continue to “issue baseless accusations against and to slander His Holiness”. Chinese “lies and violence” was put forward as “a condition for the Tibetans to remain more united”. With regards to China using “all its political, financial and human powers to create discord among Tibetans and between Tibetans and the local communities where Tibetans live in exile”, the Kashag made a plea for Tibetans inside and outside Tibet to “remain alert to these Chinese manipulations and always be careful in maintaining unity among ourselves and keeping good relations with the local communities”.

Also mentioned were the “upcoming elections for the fifteenth Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile and the third directly-elected Kalon Tripa (Prime Minister)”. Tibetans were asked to “be careful about the other side's evil designs and infiltrations” and to “sincerely and courageously take part in the election processes by not shirking their democratic responsibilities and rights”.

Although a note of great optimism was sounded – “the issue of Tibet is heading towards finding a solution” – the Kashag was emphatic on the need for stoicism among Tibetans: “if the issue of Tibet takes time to resolve, then it is important for the Tibetans in and outside Tibet to preserve their unique character of good moral conduct without losing their spirit. Good moral conduct is not only a symbol of the Tibetans but also a source for the Chinese and the people around the world to have affection for and to support our cause.”

The Kashag finished by firmly endorsing His Holiness’ Middle Way policy as “the sole way to resolve the issue of Tibet”, and about which the Parliament-in-Exile was “unanimous”. “May the truth of the issue of Tibet prevail soon!” the Kashag concluded to applause and fanfare.