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14july20103Dharamshala: China fights torrent which raged in the Southern and Eastern province. The flood has killed more than 600 people and still the dead count is on the rise, with hundreds on the missing list. It has affected more than 29 million people and evacuation of more than 997,000 people leaving them homeless and starving. Deputy County Official Zhou Yingbin said, "There is little hope of survival for the missing villagers".

The Chinese Educational Ministry ordered for safety measures to be ensured to all the students in the flood affected area. He also ensured rescheduling of exams, suspending schools, relocating classrooms etc. A report claim two more landslide and 14 lives in Sichuan and 10 lives associated with two landslides in Hunan.

Hundreds of soldiers and police rushed to dig a drainage to prevent an overfilled reservoir from bursting and destroying a town 3,960 meters about the sea level in northwest of China. Continuous rainfall and the snow-melt caused violent flow of torrent water into the reservoir causing serious stress to the government and people living around the area.

In addition to the flood and heavy rain, China suffers massive landslide and soil erosion which needs immediate attention. The flood has damaged an estimate of US $ 2.89 billion (19.75 billion Yuan). It has also destroyed a total of 93,000 houses and 252,800 hectares of crops. But, the Health Minister on a press said, that the flood hit regions has not reported any case of epidemics disease or public health related emergencies.

The matter get worse as Chinese meteorological authority forecast rainstorm in Guizhou, Sichuan, Hubei, Jaingsu, Zhejiang and Anhui region in Central and Eastern China. This is one of the worst natural catastrophes China ever has to face in the history. It has affected 90 regions
and it's still on the rise.

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