Dr Lobsang Sangay, President of Central Tibetan Administration. Photo: TPI/Yeshe Choesang

Dharamshala, India — The Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) hailed the enactment of the Asia Reassurance Initiative Act (ARIA) on Tuesday, saying that the passage is a much-welcomed move. US President Donald Trump signed the ARIA Act into law on 31 December 2018, having passed the Senate and the House on 4 and 12 December respectively.

Dharamshala, India — Tibetan President Dr Lobsang Sangay congratulated Nancy Pelosi for being elected as the Speaker of the House of Representative for the third time. First elected in 2007, Nancy Pelosi remains the only woman to ever serve for this role. She is currently in her 17th term as a Member of the House of Representatives, following her first election in 1987.

Dharamshala, India — Tibetan President Dr Lobsang Sangay on Thursday thanked U.S. President Donald Trump for bravely signing into new law the Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act of 2018, which will impose a strong visa ban on Chinese communist authorities who deny U.S diplomats and other officials, journalists and other citizens access to Tibet.

Paris, France — "China remains the world’s biggest jailer of journalists with 60 currently held, of whom three quarters are non-professional journalists," The Paris-based world press freedom watchdog "Reporters Without Borders" said adding: The communist regime "has been near the bottom of RSF's World Press Freedom Index for years and is currently ranked 176th out of 180 countries."

Dharamshala, India — His Holiness the Dalai Lama congratulated Hon. Nancy Pelosi on her re-election as the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. He reiterated his belief that the United States is the leading nation of the free world and his confidence that in her role as the Speaker, she would help to lead during these difficult times.

Washington DC — The Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act of 2018 was signed into law by U.S. President Donald Trump on December 19, 2018, signaling strong support for U.S. citizens to have the same access to travel throughout Tibet as Chinese nationals enjoy in the United States. The act supports access to Tibet by U.S. citizens, punishes communist authorities for restricting travel to Tibet.

Mumbai, India — "Despite all the hardship Tibetans have faced, their spirit is unsubdued and remains strong. Chinese hardliners have failed to suppress Tibetan language and culture," His Holiness the Dalai Lama said, adding: 'Things are changing and that a totalitarian system has no future.'

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