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26august20103Dharamsala: One Tibetan has been killed and around 35 severely wounded after Chinese security forces opened fire on demonstrators in Palyul County, Dege, eastern Tibet.

The incident was reported to the Tibet Post International by the Venerable Drime Gyaltsen. Mr Drime, who currently lives in south India, hails from Dege, from where an anonymous contact relayed him the information in this report.

On August 18, protesters gathered outside a local government building in Tromthar village, after village leader Tashi Sangpo wrote to the local authorities requesting a halt to the environmentally detrimental expansion of gold mining in the area.

Local Tibetans are concerned about the impact of mining on their livelihoods and have been demanding compensation from the government,

Over 100 people camped outside the government headquarters waiting for a response from the Chinese authorities. Security forces responded by releasing a harmful gas. One Tibetan, Tashi Sangpo, together with other locals, saw Chinese officers moving unconscious protesters into a waiting truck, and began to scuffle with them.

The security forces reportedly then fired indiscriminately into the crowd, killing one Tibetan. At least five others sustained bullet injuries, and several protesters were detained.

No official statement has been made on the incident, or the condition of those injured and arrested. The Chinese authorities have brought in reinforcements from neighbouring counties, and the situation remains tense.

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