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Dharamshala: Chinese military has announced that conducted its first-ever live military exercises in Tibet, on Wednesday (27th October). The exercise involved air force, artillery and electronic warfare divisions, close to the Indian border.

Although the exact location was confirmed, the official People's Liberation Army Daily newspaper stated, that the exercises were held at an altitude above 15,420 feet (4,700 meters) and involved fighter aircraft, attack helicopters, artillery, tanks and electronic warfare units.

China has steadily increased its military in Tibet since their illegal and bloody invasion in 1949 and the news on Wednesday has added concern over the Chinese military presence in Tibet. The article said that the exercise will have a significant role in "exploring training patterns in mountainous and cold areas as well as improving combat capabilities," which has created uproar from human rights organisation.

The so called ‘Tibet Military Command' has been holding exercises and testing the Tibet railway for carrying military equipment since the beginning of the year.

These exercises stand to add to concerns in India over a Chinese military build-up in Tibet. The countries fought a brief but bloody border war in 1962 and continue to argue over territorial claims. More recently, New Delhi has complained that Chinese troops along the frontier have grown more aggressive and expressed concern over China's increasingly close ties to Pakistan's military.

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