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tibetan_writers_arrested 333Dharamshala: Three Tibetan writers, who were detained earlier this year, have been tried on charges of 'inciting activities to split the nation,' the Tibet Post International has learnt.

The writers, identified as: Jangtse Donkho, Kalsang Jinpa and Buddha were tried on October 28th by the Ngaba Intermediate People's Court. They were arrested over four months ago for the publication of articles concerning the 2008 Tibetan protests in the journal Shar Dungri (Eastern Snow Mountain).

In an article published by the alias writer Buddha, on the 16th of March 2008, he wrote, "The Chinese media reported that a large number of guns and ammunition were found in Chosrgyal temple - contrary to the teachings of the Buddha. This is sad and absurd.

For thousands of years, Han and Tibetan people have lived as neighbors, but the Han still have no idea of the beliefs and customs of Tibetans. We put dead animals and weapons in the temple to wash away sin, and as a lesson to our children. Isn't it Kuan Kung (the Chinese god of war) who really wields the machete?"

Kalsang Jinpa was also arrested for his views over the march uprising saying that, "the state media takes every opportunity to discredit, criticise and slander His Holiness and his followers. Something must be said"

During the court proceedings the men being charged were allowed a short period of time to talk to their loves ones, under the watchful eye of the Chinese police. "Buddha tried to hold his two-year-old son, but was unable to hold him because he was chained. So he kissed his child twice and asked his wife to make sure their son learned the Tibetan language. Then he was escorted away," a Tibetan source said.

During the trail Buddha also spoke about the sorrow he would feel if imprisoned saying, "If we are convicted of these charges, we will carry a heavy load on our hearts because of this injustice and because of the inequality among different nationalities, though we are citizens of the same country."

No verdict was announced following the closed trial, and family sources in Tibet said they were told the case would be "reviewed" by authorities before sentences were imposed.

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