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9may20092Dharamshala: Three Tibetans from Ngaba district, eastern Tibet who were suspected of being involved in the March peaceful demonstrations were sentenced between 3 to 4 years prison terms by Chinese court in Zoge District, eastern Tibet. The Chinese authorities moved them to various detention centers and exposed Chinese brutality and beatings in the region after their arrests.

According to the report, three Tibetans have been sentenced: Jampal, 29-years-old, elder son from Chashang Tarring family in Ngaba District, and  his younger brother, Lama, 23 years old, were sentenced to 4 years prison terms each by Chinese court in Zoge District of Ngaba county on 7 May 2009. Another Tibetan, Namkho, 27 years old, son of Chashang Kya family from Ngaba District, sentenced to 3 years prison terms by same Chinese court in Ngaba county, eastern Tibet. They were arrested around at 9pm, 11 August last year, after escaping from Ngaba County where they participated in the peaceful protest organized thousands of monks against the Chinese government rule over Tibet. They are currently imprisoned in a Chinese detention center of Zoge District, eastern Tibet and they will soon be moved to another place.

Since last march, Chinese officials have not been allowing foreign tourists, human rights groups, independent inspection, and reporters into the Tibetan areas unless they are officially invited and agreed to publish Chinese propaganda.  Moreover, China heavily restricted in the Ngaba areas, particularly Tibetan and foreign websites and radio stations, and deployed thousands of Chinese armed military forces in the areas after mass peaceful demonstrations in all parts of Tibet since last March.

After the deadly Chinese crackdown on Tibetan peaceful demonstrators last year, over 220 Tibetans killed, 1,294 injured and 290 sentenced, more than 5,600 were arrested or detained and over 1,000 disappeared, but there is still no any justification for those Tibetans. Moreover, the Chinese court in Tibetan capital, Lhasa, western Tibet sentenced five Tibetans to death, 3 death penalties, two to suspended death penalties, two to life in prison and one jailed for ten years in this month on "charges of arson causing death and setting fire shops."

The above latest report provided by Geshe Monlam Tharchin, Tibetan MP.

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