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17thmay2011YUY434Dharamshala: - Losang Khedrup, a 39 year-old monk of Kirti monastery was arrested on 6 May without any valid reason and his whereabouts remain unknown, said monks of Kirti Monastery in exile.

Gerik, 60, a native of Me'uruma township in Ngaba was also arrested on 19 March this year. He was twice detained in 1998 and in 2008 for allegedly distributing leaflets about the situation in Ngaba and Tibet as a whole.

He was detained this time by the public security bureau for his involvement in passing on information about the situation in Ngaba to outside world. He was also suspected for spreading information about the self-immolation by Phuntsog in March.

His wife Dhonko, 52, was arrested on 20 March and kept under detention for few days and was subjected to severe beatings and harassment.

Gerik's daughter Metok, 23, was detained and interrogated her about information on her father's contact with the outside world. She had suffered severe maltreatment in detention in 2008. She was severely beaten and the authorities did not allow her to be admitted in hospital. She sustained bruises and wounds, and was left mentally traumatised.

Gerik's other relatives and family members were fortunately able move out before the Chinese authorities could detain them.

The residential quarters of Kirti monastery still remain under heavy surveillance with electronic devices placed in every corner and security forces deployed around the monastery.

The Chinese authorities have warned to prolong the ongoing re-education if the monks do not follow government order to denounce His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Over 1,000 government officials along with security forces are deployed at the monastery to conduct the re-education campaign. More than 20 monks have been detained since 6 May.

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