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21july2011kartiDharamshala: A local Chinese Intermediate People's Court sentenced two Buddhist monks from Karti Monastery of Ngaba region, eastern Tibet to three years imprisonment term each in this month.  In a large breach of international human rights, Chinese officials and military forces are still forcibly controlling the sacred Buddhist institution of over 5000 monks.

According to a latest report of India based Tibet Human Rights watchdog, 'Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD, a "confirmed information received on 19 July 2011, two Buddhist monks from the monastery; Lobsang Khedup and Lobsang Gyatso of Kirti monastery, Ngaba County, were sentenced to three years imprisonment term each on 15 July 2011."

Lobsang Khedup (around 36) was arrested on 4 May 2011 from Kirti Monastery. Son of Thoelee (father), he belongs to Thoelee-Tsang (home) and hails from Lower Chookleh Village, Ngaba County. He began his study at the Kirti Monastery at an early age, after being ordained and has attained high level of Buddhist studies. While continuing with his studies, he also tutors younger students at the monastery.

Lobsang Gyatso (39) is from Upper Chookleh Village, Ngaba County, and is son of Gyakyap (father). He was arrested on 9 May 2011. Both monks remained incommunicado for nearly two months and no information was known, except it was heard that they both were somewhere in Moawan County.

The charges against both also remain unclear at the time though the reason that led to their arrest is apparent. On 21 April 2011, when the Chinese police arrested a large number of monks from the monastery, these two monks, along with many other monks, assembled in the monastery requesting not to arrest the monks or else arrest them too. At this time, both of them are in a prison in Mein-Yang area, Sichuan Province.

Earlier in June, Chinese officials have declared over 1200 members of Tibet's Kirti Monastery to be expelled. in a specially prepared register, listing around 1200-1300 monks, that those on the list are to be expelled from Kirti monastery, as of that day (6th May 2011). The list consists of Tibetan monks who live at, and attend the monastery.

The Chinese authorities also announced several monks' names on the list in June, which they posted on the walls of the monastery, stating: ‘you have to leave the monastery [immediately]'.

Police raids carried out at the Monastery, the rooms of those listed will be taken by the government, sources from the region state. In a peaceful response to the Chinese authorities, the Tibetan monks denied the Chinese announcement, highlighting that the monastery is their home.

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