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Dharamshala: On 2 August, Kunsang Choegyal, a 25-year old Tibetan man from Jordha County in East Tibet, was arrested. His father's name is Norgyal and his mother's name is Kunsang Palmo. Kunsang Choegyal had a shop where he sold CDs.

According to information received from reliable sources by The Tibet Post International, one night recently, he was walking in the street with some friends when someone came and took his cell phone. After 10 days, the Chinese policemen came and told him that he had to shut down his shop.

On the afternoon of 2 Aug, the Chinese police came, arrested him, and took him away. His family has no idea as to his current whereabouts. The Chinese police arrested him because he sold CD's that had copies of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's speeches; also, in his cell phone, there was a photo of His Holiness.

After his arrest, his family went to the police station to inquire after him and the reason for his arrest. The police replied that of course he was arrested for a reason, but they wouldn't give the family any information. The police also told the family that they did not know his whereabouts.

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