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19august2011Dharamshala: The Chinese government has distributed a new document to the monks living at Kirti Monastery, Amdho Ngaba region of eastern Tibet. According to the document, any monk who has been to India, committed political crimes, or who refuses to attend Chinese patriotic re-education classes can be forced to leave the monastery.

Furthermore, the Chinese government has said that it will make a "rights book" for each monk. Monks at Kirti monastery, however, are protesting against the book by putting up posters in the streets around the monastery. They have said that they would not accept the book unless all monks were allowed to stay at Kirti.

According to Ven. Kanyak Tsering from India based Kirti Monastery, this new development is another incident in many involving Chinese government crackdown on Tibetans. Following the recent self-immolation death of Tsewang Norbu in Tawu on August 15, the Chinese government cut off all Internet and telephone communication in the area.

Similarly, after another monk, Phuntsok, died of self-immolation earlier this year in Ngaba County, all cyber cafes were closed and text messaging disabled. The situation has remained so since March 10, when the incident occurred.

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