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palden-choetso-karze-3rd-november-2011Dharamshala: - A Buddhist nun died after setting herself on fire in Tawu county, Karze, eastern Tibet on Thursday, to protest against Chinese government, a latest report said. She is the 11th Tibetan to set herself on fire in a wave of self-immolation that has taken place since march.

"Palden Choetso also known as Choesang, a 34-year-old Buddhist nun from Dragkar Choeling Nunnery, Tawu county, eastern Tibet, staged a self-immolation protest today at 12.pm in the same area where a Tibetan monk, Phuntsok Norbu has self-immolated." said the report.

"She shouted ''Freedom in Tibet,'' ''Long live H.H the Dalai Lama,'' and ''Let the Dalai Lama return to Tibet'' before she self-immolated near Namgyal Choeten, a huge stupa in Tawu County." Choetso is also the second Tibetan woman from the eastern region of Tibet to self-immolate in protest against Chinese atrocities against the Tibetan people inside occupied Tibet.

Sources said, she has succumbed while committing the self-less act and her body was taken away to nearby Nyatso monastery by the witnesses. It is also reported that Chinese security forces have already surrounded the monastery in an attempt to suppress the information.

"Shortly after the self-immolation, many police and armed military personals arrived, placing heavy restrictions on the area around Nyatso monastery," it added. The current situation in Tawu town remained tense, with raising fears of clashes between Tibetans and armed Chinese troops.

Choetso is from Drocho dzong in Kham Tawu. Her father's name is Joney and her mother's name is Kolen. A total of eleven Tibetans have self-immolated within Tibet in protest against Chinese rule and continued repression in the Himalayan region.

A Global campaign started from November 2nd, labeled 'Enough!', including mass prayers, rallies and candlelight vigils, are currently organised by thousands of Tibetans and supporters in over 60 countries worldwide, in a fierce empathy and solidarity with the people of Tibet who have long suffered under the brutal fist of a Communist Chinese regime.

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