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Eastern-TibetDharamshala: - One Tibetan died and two other serious injured by setting themselves on fire in Serta county, eastern Tibet in protests against Chinese rule on February 3, weeks after armed Chinese forces troops opened fire on a crowd of Tibetan protesters in the region, leaving six dead, several others seriously wounded.

One of them reportedly died on the spot but his identity and details are still unknown, according to an information received by The Tibet Post International. Total twenty self-immolations in protest against Chinese rule in Tibet since Feb 2009.

Two other seriously injured in accident, identified as Tsering, around 60 from Tsaptse village and Kyari, around 30 from Bumshul village, they are in critical condition. The current situation still remains tense in Serta county, eastern Tibet as China's hard-line policies in Tibet are creating great tension, said sources from inside Tibet.

"As witnessed recently, Tibetan areas have been closed off and members of the press have been denied access. The international community must let leaders in Beijing know unequivocally that the world is concerned and closely watching events inside Tibet," Ms. Dicki Chhoyang, the Tibetan information minister told reporters on Monday.

More Chinese security forces were deployed in the area making an already tense situation more volatile after the self-immolation of the three Tibetans last Friday. Serta and neighboring areas have been under lockdown with heavy military presence since protests broke out in January 2012.

Sources from inside Tibet to TPI have also stated that communication has been completely cut off in Serta and neighboring areas after a string of protests against the Chinese repressive policies kept taking place. No means of communication involving telephone, fax and internet have been able to be established.

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