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6 march 2012 002Dharamsala- A press release from the exile base of Kirti Monastery has reported that a teenager named Dorje, age 18, has become the third Tibetan to commit self-immolation this week, and the twenty-sixth to commit self-immolation since 2009.

He allegedly immolated at 6.30 PM on March 5 while marching towards the local government building in Cha Township. Sources say that he shouted slogans of protest against the severe policies implemented in Ngaba County.

The locals did not put out the flames, nor did security forces arrive quickly enough to extinguish Dorje. As a consequence he passed during the protest.

He belonged to the Garkyatsang household and his father's name is Chacha.

Chinese Security Forces were slow to arrive at the scene, but forcibly took the remains of Dorje from the local people.

Dorje is the third Tibetan to commit an act of self-immolation this week, the first being a teenage girl named Tsering Kyi on March 3, and the second being a mother named Rinchen, in Ngaba on March 4.

These protests have occurred not only in the wake of the Chinese imposing more stringent policies in Tibet, but are occurring with greater frequency as Uprising Day approaches on March 10.

As a consequence, many parts of Tibet are considered to be under undeclared martial-law, which has been implemented as a measure to reduce the number of self-immolations and protests against Chinese rule.

This is particularly true in Ngaba County, where greater security measures have been implemented due to both the sheer number of self-immolations that have occurred there and past resistance to the Communist Party by the monks in Kirti Monastery.