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7june20099Dharamshala: After deadly crackdowns by Chinese armed forces in all parts of Tibet last year, China continues to practice their harsh policy on Tibetans including arrests, shootings and other heavy punishments in Tibet. A source from Tibet said, 10 Tibetans were arrested following huge clashes between Tibetans and Chinese armed forces in Dege county. Taklung Gonpa, a Tibetan monastery which belongs to the Pema and Neydho township in Dege Jodha, eastern Tibet was left completely empty for one month after monks were forced to denounce His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

On 27 June, Chinese authorities arrested two local Tibetan officials; Gyaltsang Dorjee and Gyuemed Gonpo who were suspected of failing in their work after the Chinese authorities ordered them several times to call back the monks. Over twenty People in Dege county eastern Tibet organized a peaceful protest to stop them when Chinese armed forces were taking their brothers into custody near Kyabche monastery.

The Chinese authorities have threatened to destroy Kyabche monastery and its branch Zamlung monastery if the monks will not come back where they live. A large amount of Chinese armed forces are based at Kyabche monastery since the beginning of June., "Around 8 big armed trucks and 8-9 small trucks are still landing at the monastery" the report said.

Many Tibetan protesters were left seriously injured after the armed Chinese forces used tear gas, electronic shocks and gunfire. The casualty came after a massive clash between local Tibetans and Chinese armed forces in the area.

Norlha aged 47 and Gonpo Dhargye aged 43 or 44 detained in a prison in Dege Jodhang country (Ch: Jodha District), suspected of organizing the demonstrations and other Tibetan protesters are still detained in the Kyabche Monastery under heavy punishments including beatings, using nails and whips on their hands and feet and other brutalities.

Other Tibetan men arrested on 27 June include; Mutsa Tseten, Richung Nyidak, Samphel Norbu, Oyo Tsering, Aten, and Gage and they are still in the Chinese custody. But, four Tibetans; Jampa, Gyurmed, Jangchub Choephel, and Dhonga were released after being seriously injured, according to the report.

Tibetans are still under Chinese pressure of patriate re-educaton if they decide to perceive their cultural and religious identity. "Recently Chinese authorities held a meeting for 15 days in Dhochue township, Dege county and called the local Tibetans to denounce His Holiness the Dalai Lama, 17th Karmapa and Kyabche monastery."

On 29 June, over 800 Chinese armed forces blocked a demonstration of 500 Tibetans near Kyabche monastery. "The demonstration were staged after Chinese authorities declaring the government wll be taking a land near Kyabche monastery".

Since March 2008 over 220 Tibetans have been killed, 1,294 injured and 290 sentenced, more than 5,600 were arrested or detained and over 1,000 disappeared after the Chinese armed military's deadly crack down in all parts of Tibet. Newly issued warrants and ramped up security forces make life increasingly more difficult for Tibetans to live inside Tibet. China's human rights violations are swept under the "rug" of propaganda because foreign journalists are highly restricted throughout Tibet and only some selected small groups are permitted to visit Lhasa, the capital of Tibet and other Tibetan areas.

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