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Dharamshala: Chinese Security personnel from People's Armed Police (PAP) have injured around 100 Tibetans in Ngaba county of eastern Tibet.

These beating too places on the afternoon of the 14th of April and were triggered by increased protesting by Tibetans against the local government's move to honor two corrupt officials in Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province and Adhue village in the upper part of Ngaba County in eastern Tibet.

One protestor, Lopon Kyab, was so seriously injured they had to be hospitalized in the Ngaba County hospital.

On the day of the protests a group of officials from Ngaba County came and spoke in praise of the two officials who were already suspected by local Tibetans of embezzling local funds meant for housing developments for the local people. The officials announced that the two officials would be rewarded for their ‘good work'. This naturally led to the local Tibetans expressing their well placed outrage.

Immediately, about 10 truckloads of armed police who had accompanied the officials, obviously anticipating that their rewarding the officials would cause wide spread anger, began beating the crowd.

Sources say around 15 to 20 people were arrested, out of which three have been identified as Tenzin Tsering, Tsenor and Tsamchen of Tsosum village. Currently their whereabouts and physical condition are unknown.

Elsewhere in Ngaba, the Chinese authorities have sentenced Tsering Tashi, aged 33 from Rongba in Adhue Thawa village, to a prison term of three years and 6 months after he was caught on camera protesting in Ngaba.

He was caught on camera, during the peaceful protests that rocked Ngaba following the 16 March 2011 self-immolation of Phunstok Jarutsang. It appears that, Chinese security services filmed much of the protests, searching for future arrests.

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