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Drakgo-Karze-TibetDharamshala: - Reports of harsh beatings, arrests and monks being expelled from monasteries, closing down schools and Buddhist institutions continue to flow out of Tibet as the entire region reels under, what His Holiness the Dalai Lama recently has called, an undeclared "semi-Cultural Revolution."

On April 14, two hundred and fifty Tibetans were detained over protest against closure of Tibetan institution in Dayul township of Karze county, eastern Tibet, around ten were seriously injured.

According to sources from inside Tibet, the Tibetans protested and expressed their disagreement against such is taken by the Chinese authorities. Immediately, the district police and armed forces started beating the Tibetans. Around 10 Tibetans were seriously injured and hospitalized.

"A Tibetan institution (Tibetan: Dayul Tundril Tsokpa) in Dayul township "Unity Dayul Association" was ordered to close-down after arriving over three hundred Chinese armed security personnel lead by the head of Karze District police station, (Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture)," said the sources.

The authorities have accused members of the association of organizing political events, called "it cannot be continued," according to sources. The authorities detained Dhontok, the head of the association along with 250 Tibetans.

Over 2000 Tibetans gathered and continued on April 15, to protest, demanding the release of those Tibetans arrested on 14 April 2012. However, most of the Tibetans arrested the day earlier were released but 33 still remain detained. Immediately following this incident, the authorities shutdown all means of communication of the township and surrounding areas.

Dayul Thundril Tsokpa is a Tibetan organization set up in 2008 by thirty villages of Dathama township, with representatives from all thirty villages.

Two more separate incidents in eastern Tibet, over 100 Tibetans beaten harshly by Chinese authorities in Ngaba county and sixty Tibetans arrested in Lithang county.

On 14 April 2012, 100 Tibetans were injured after they were beaten by Chinese armed police for protesting against the local government's move to reward and honor officials who have been alleged to be corrupt in a village in the upper part of Ngaba County, eastern Tibet.

Sources say around 15 to 20 people were arrested, out of which three have been identified as Tenzin Tsering, Tsenor and Tsamchen of Tsosum village. There is no information on their whereabouts and their medical condition.

Around April 5, at least sixty Tibetans have been arrested Jalsa township in Lithang county, eastern Tibet after protests against a patriotic re-education programme had been staged by Chinese authorities. "At least 60 local Tibetans arrested in Chinese police clash with villagers over Forced Patriotic Re-education to denounce His Holiness the Dalai Lama," according to information from a source in Tibet. Forty of them were taken to Lithang district, remaining twenty held in the village. Their present condition and whereabouts are not known.

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