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28 april 2012 004Dharamshala: - Over the past month, the Chinese authorities have made a series of arrests across eastern Tibet.

On March 18, monks and laypersons held a protest in Ba County, Amdho, northeastern Tibet (Chinese: north Qinhai Province). Chinese police arrested 17 of the protesters On April 14, including the abbot of Ba Shingtri Monastery.

Recently, the Chinese authorities sentenced two of the protesters to prison. Dorjee Gyal received one year and three months, whilst Pasang, wife of the popular musician Dorjee Tsebe, received one year.

The remaining arrestees are still being held in custody in Ba County ,where they receive round-the-clock ‘re-education' sessions.

Visitors are currently banned from Ba County, unless they are carrying an ID card.

On April 26, the Chinese authorities sentenced 16 Tibetans who took part in protests in Drakgo County, Karze District, in January this year.

The sentences of 13 of the Tibetans are known: Wangchen Tsering (30) received nine years; Choenam (25), three years; Sonam Lundhup (30), life sentence; Aze Shopo (50), three years; Gebe (around 30), 12 years; Kuntho (around 20), 13 years; Kundhup (around 30), eleven years; Nyindak (around 30), one year and eight months; Phurpa Tsering (around 30), two years; Wangtse (20), one year and nine months.

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